Tuition Fees and Taxes

Every student is charged a fee for each academic year they study at UniGe. This tuition fee covers all elements of your registration, enrolment, tuition, examination for each academic year which you are enrolled for. It does not cover living costs, books, materials or travel.

UniGe allows students pay tuition fees by three instalments.

For degree programmes with restricted access, the deadline to pay the first instalment is indicated in the calls for applications governing admission; for degree programmes with academic knowledge assessment and for continuing students, the deadline for the first instalment is September. The second instalment is due within December. The third instalment is due within May of the following year.

Autumn starters must pay fee amount before 30 September, or you may be prevented from enrolling or accessing academic services

First year Instalments

you can pay fees after confirming your application online by accessing online payment.

If you are a continuing student you can pay by accessing online payment.

Quotation of tuition fee

Tuition fee will usually be quoted on your Household Income Condition which is expressed by the value “ISEE Università”, (i.e. the Economic Condition Indicator, referred to university) and on the chosen course.

In order to get an idea of the final fee amount to be paid and details you can use UniGe simulator

For further information:

Email the student fees team for more detailed information

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